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What's new


Christmas working hours

19. 12. 2022

During the Christmas holidays, the opening hours of office will be shortened:

23.12.2020 07:00 - 10:00

30.12.2020  7:00 -   10:00

In case of urgent problems outside working hours, emergency medical service is provided by hospital Úrazová nemocnice - Ponávka 139/6, 602 00 Brno-střed-Zábrdovice


Quarantine / Isolation

10. 1. 2022

QUARANTINE (contact) lasts 5 days

- all those who have been in risky contact with a COVID + person go to it 

- Risk contact is evaluated by hygiene, not a general practitioner

- Inability to quarantine is exposed to hygiene, not to a general practitioner

INSULATION (symptoms, + PCR) lasts 5 days

- can be terminated at the earliest after 5 days and at the same time min. the patient must be asymptomatic for the last 2 days, in case of persistent problems the isolation is prolonged

- no control PCR test is required at the end of isolation

- the 1st day of isolation is counted the day after collection; collection day is "day zero"

From 17.1.2022 at + ANTIGEN TEST AT WORK we go to the QUARANTINE for 5 days

- the employee does not have to go for a confirmatory PCR test; if it goes and the PCR is negative, the quarantine ends, if it is positive, the isolation starts for 5 days

- quarantine incl. incapacity for work is addressed by hygiene

- on the basis of the + antigen test there is no entitlement to the certificate, it is issued only on the basis of the + PCR test

After five days of isolation and quarantine, it is recommended to wear a respirator for another five days, even where measures do not require it.

The changes are valid for newly created isolations and quarantines from 11.1.2022, not retroactively.

Regulations may change over time, we will try to update them.

Vaccination against Influeza

21. 9. 2021
It is possible to ask your insurance company to pay a part of the price (it always depends on insurance company).

PCR tests free for vaccinated

13. 9. 2021
Every month you have  2 PCR tests free if you are vaccinated - will be done in testing centers


25. 2. 2020

You should not move without a face mask in areas with a higher incidence of people.

Test on coronavirus can only be done at the clinic of infectious diseases in the Bohunice hospital

Electronic recipe

5. 10. 2017
All new recipes are in electronic format since 1.9.2017.

Electronic ordering

1. 10. 2017
Electronic ordering is under construction

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