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What's new


Change of office hours from 18.3.2020

17. 3. 2020

Office hours from 18.3.2020 :

Monday           7:30-11h  

Tuesday              7:30-11h 

Wednesday                                 13-16h 

Thursday            7:30-11h 

Friday              7:30-11h 

Health care restrictions

15. 3. 2020
Due to the spread of coronavirus infection, it is necessary to arrange a phone or email appointment before visiting the office
Minor health complications and solving sick notes only by email !!


25. 2. 2020

You should not move without a face mask in areas with a higher incidence of people.

Test on coronavirus can only be done at the clinic of infectious diseases in the Bohunice hospital

Electronic recipe

5. 10. 2017
All new recipes are in electronic format since 1.9.2017.

Electronic ordering

1. 10. 2017
Electronic ordering is under construction

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